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The good wishes of Life

It is time for me to wish you well.

Now is a good time to wish them. Only the fact that you are borrowing from your good resolutions makes it easier for me to reach you.

So I wish you :

to realize how powerful you are for your own life,

to negotiate with your old mind so that it leaves you free rein for your new ideas to be born,

to allow you to go beyond what you believe,

to experience the distant gaze so that you will know how to behave today,

to realize how much I love you,

to get rid of all the limiting ideas that you are used to,

to smile at Life as much as possible,

to realize how surrounded you are,

to correctly arrange your real priorities,

to no longer make any concessions regarding the installation of Joy in your mind,

to allow novelty to show you its true face,

to educate your children in the cult of lucid Hope,

to submit your ideas to your Higher Consciousness.

I wish you to realize how much you are worthy to be loved and to love.

I wish you will be stunned by the joy it feels when everything is resolved.

Take advantage of Me, make Me your friend and the Solutions that will come to you will finally appear to you as the Reasons for your problems.

I am multiple and each of you Is a manifestation of what it is possible to experience.

Thank you for being there in Me.





It is undeniable that the period we are going through is questioning for many, inspiring for some but also revealing for all.
It is undeniable that everyone reacts differently depending on their primary fears and their fears acquired over the course of life.
The Internet, which is now our everyday companion, carries and conveys, even more than usual, all kinds of reactions and comments, and even contradictory and plausible information.
What is certain in this period of contradictions is that we are seeing facts that cannot be contested. Once again, humans are stronger than anything and we can no longer count all the mutual aid initiatives recorded to date. The same goes for professional singers who decide to open their window and offer a recital every evening to their entire street, other professionals who decide to make their supplies available to the population free of charge, anonymous or more famous people who call isolated strangers to keep them company and make sure all is well.
Many magnetizers have also decided to provide, just as free of charge through remote sessions, their help and their know-how to suffering people without even knowing them. I will not be able to enumerate here all the attempts which go in this direction.
Still, and this is the whole point of this word, human nature is a part of us and it reveals itself whenever circumstances prompt it to show itself.
Whether it is during a public road accident, a person in a vital emergency, a surgeon who overcomes his fatigue to once again save a patient, a nurse who if she was referring to her salary and her working conditions would change profession during the year and who continues to love her job.
This also applies to some retirees who are returning to service and other students who will lend a hand.
People are everywhere. When the firefighter steps in to help, he does not care about the political ideas of the person for whom he is deploying all his know-how. His human nature invariably takes precedence over everything else.
For us therapists also, when a person crosses the threshold of our practice, nothing matters more than to do everything to relieve him as well as possible and as quickly as possible, whatever the behavior he has in general with others.
Not to mention all those who today worry about their isolated loved ones and others who decide to pick up the phone to check in after months of silence.
And some others who would like, if possible, to repatriate their elderly parents to their homes so that they can reassure them and take care of them.
France has never understood so many charities as to date.
We also no longer count all those who would like to get involved in associations to help but who are prevented by fatigue and the overly intrusive management of their own difficulties.





Important informations

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Realize :

“We suffer because we cling to what we want and what we believe is essential and often both at the same time”

“In life, the main thing is not to prove but to experience”

“Happiness does not exist, only our ability to create it is very real”

“We can only discover the meaning of life by going in its direction”

“Nobility of spirit is not an exercise in style, it is a necessity to achieve certain fundamental notions of existence”

“One of the greatest service we can do for our children is not to live for them but with them”

“Love is not just a feeling, it is above all a force which, for those who possess it, means that they cannot help but love”

“What a life ! should be less often an exclamation and more often a question. ”

“We are all in search of Happiness and what confronts us is the fact that we do not agree on the means to be employed to achieve it. It’s just because of that. ”

“Luck does exist, but it owes nothing to chance”.

“To have compassion is to have memory.”

“We are not a person who has emotions but we are an emotion which took the form of a person”.

“Our life is a long period of recovery during which we have the opportunity to realize what we are healing from.”

“We are not responsible that the earth turns in this direction neither for the number of seasons nor for the existence of gravity nor for the grass to be green and the snow white but there is one thing for which we are fully responsible is whatever we believe.

“We often ask for proof of phenomena in which we do not believe. But it can be proven to us that what corresponds to our level of Consciousness”.

“The man has evolved physically from a four-legged position to a vertical position.
Humans evolve mentally by moving from mechanics to computers.
Man will evolve spiritually by moving from the notion of chance to that of the Reason for Being”.

“Beauty, in addition to its beauty, has the power to silence us, to put an end to this thought which distorts everything in its path”.

“Life is beautiful because it has endowed us with the power to make it beautiful”.