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A Teacher’s Charter has been drawn up and is offered to all participants in Levels 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the ETV.

The role of this document is to specify in writing the orientations, aspirations and rules common to teaching trainers as well as compliance with legislation.

By signing these trainers, they agree in substance to :

– respect in all points the medical treatments ordered by the doctors,

– never advise or advise against any surgical intervention,
– present Energy Transmissions only as supplements to Medical advice and treatment and all other forms of therapy,
– do not try to interpret any medical examinations,
– respect the established program of each Level by seeking to disclose it with respect and humility,
– have all participants complete and sign the course sign-in sheet,
– inform participants that part of the amount claimed is payable to the Les Ailes Blanches association for the benefit of children in difficulty,
– apply the standardized course price set by Mr Pascal Lefèvre,
– be administratively declared.


People wishing to be trained at least at Level 1 will be able to consult the list of trainers designated (“Formateurs Habilités”) as suitable for the distribution of the courses as well as the dates and.places of the planned Levels.

For trainers whose contact details have not yet been given in this table, contact can be established by email.

If you want to be able to be trained in England, I let you contact me by email :